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Your port lightning introduction to transport electricity liAdd Time:2015-09-02
The development of economy and growing demand for electricity, the problem of electric power production safety is becoming more and more serious. For transmission lines, lightning trip-out has been the important factors that affect the reliable power supply high voltage transmission lines. Due to the random and complex atmospheric lightning activity, the current research on the understanding of the transmission line lightning disturbance in the world there are a lot of unknown components. The area within the scope of construction are both complicated and large power equipment composed of a lot of high and low voltage distribution network. With distribution equipment in distribution network, and electrical equipment, they are the impact on the quality of electric energy and important equipment. So far, the lightning protection of distribution circuit mainly on: (1) the lightning overvoltage on one of the high pressure distribution line's sphere of influence of lightning accident and how far its possible probability; (2) to determine the degree of the lightning protection; (3) to develop in an actual distribution circuit can be used in a variety of lightning protection measures. Lightning overvoltage sparks discharge is not burn out the cause of the low voltage power distribution equipment, the spark discharge lead to short circuit between terminals of power distribution unit, under the dealer recruitment frequency voltage between terminals through the short circuit current (arc), then the large amount of electricity is the main reason for the low voltage power distribution equipment burn out. Lightning overvoltage of the low-voltage distribution line frequency. Lightning overvoltage is happening on the low-voltage distribution line. Research has been from the distribution line lightning protection measures, has given the factors of lightning overvoltage in the low-voltage distribution lines are: 1 direct lightning (direct lightning strike to the low voltage power distribution lines); 2 induction thunder (lightning region, near the low voltage distribution circuit of distribution circuit induction generated induction lightning); 3 overvoltage is caused by lightning intruded into the low pressure side of the high side of the cause of the lightning overvoltage, due to the increasing lightning arrester movement made the earth (ground) potential, from the column of high voltage side to low voltage side of transformer lightning overvoltage. In fact, except in the low-voltage distribution line lightning overvoltage, and lightning current directly into the distribution line near the building set on the lightning rod, make the ground potential rise affect the occasion of the grounding system of distribution equipment should consider these are causes lightning overvoltage of synthesis. Transition from high voltage side to low voltage side of the lightning surge, lightning surge situations happening on pressure distribution circuit general research, the high pressure distribution line on the overvoltage caused by lightning intruded into the low voltage distribution circuit occurred lightning overvoltage caused by all kinds of situation, some tests are carried out as ground potential rise as a result of the power distribution with arrester discharge, through the column on the transformer transient voltage, lightning overvoltage in the low-voltage distribution on a line of research. These studies, should be applied in the actual size of high pressure distribution line lightning impulse voltage. Due to low voltage distribution circuit, overvoltage caused by lightning intruded into the overhead of the mid-line of low-voltage distribution lines are Shared earth ground point grounding (middle), lighting or power line (voltage) and overhead common ground (earth) between the line to line voltage is big. Induction lightning overvoltage, determination on distribution circuit conductor induction voltage waveform. Inhibition of earth wire of low voltage distribution lines and Shared earth wire lightning overvoltage effect, significantly in the grounding resistance value is small. Due to high pressure distribution line lightning arrester in moderate action, high voltage distribution lines in the ground state, at the same time it inhibits the earth wire of low voltage wires of the effect of the lightning overvoltage. Install the line arrester. Using the high voltage transmission line lightning arrester. Because lightning arrester installation tower and conductor is potential difference over the action of lightning arrester voltage, lightning arrester join shunt, ensure insulator flashover is not. We in lightning trip-out more often choose to install lightning arrester on high voltage transmission lines.