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How many years are the electrolytic ion ground rods used?Add Time:2015-09-02
Talk about electrolytic ion grounding rods with how many years? This problem let the copper clad steel ground rod factory said small make up for it, yuantai lightning protection equipment factory production of electrolytic ion grounding rods can be 50 years deep underground, the ion grounding rods such a long service life, this is inseparable from the with raw materials procurement, ion grounding rods is main raw material for copper tube with ion relievers - filler, my company, with complete production of electrolytic ion grounding rods is applicable to any soil ground rod, all the thickness of copper ion ground rod products above is greater than 2 mm, usually copper layer is thick its anticorrosion sex is stronger, the longer the life span is, instead of copper thin layer anticorrosion performance is poor, the service life of the lower, our company production of electrolytic ion ground rod copper layer 2 to 3 mm in more than 15 years, the life of a 5 mm electrolytic ion ground rod copper layer its life in more than 50 years, there are more important ion relievers - left padding must use the good material, otherwise the same short of use fixed number of year