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Plating copper conductor
Plating copper conductorAdd Time:2015-09-02

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Plating copper conductor
Grounding copper cladding steel round wire is the latest model of copper steel composite earthing body, also known as the grounding copper clad steel round wire, plating copper round steel, round wire, etc., using the most advanced four dimension plating method or method of continuous casting process the purity of 99.9% or more of the electrolytic copper cover to the surface of special steel core is made. Conductive performance and equivalent diameter of copper bar approximately same, but the cost is much lower than pure copper, anti-corrosion performance is far better than galvanized steel, with good electrical conductivity, low resistance, less joints, anti-corrosion performance is superior, transportation convenience, construction is convenient, high efficient construction, a lot of advantage, is instead of round steel, Angle steel, galvanized flat steel, etc. The best choice of the traditional ground material. 


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