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On September 1, there are still rain go out pay attention toAdd Time:2015-09-02
Yesterday, in the autumn people spent the last day of August. For the city, just the past eight months, give you the deepest impression is "hot". Bid farewell to August, which means penang on a hot summer day in the end, the autumn will gradually coming to us. Seaport precipitation in September will be significantly reduced, and the wind qing qi cool weather, changes in temperature is appropriate, the air is fresh, is the most comfortable seaport for a month, is everyone out of the best times to swim to play. Just, increase temperature gap between day and night, morning and evening weather gradually cool. 
Today we formally golden September, at the same time, also is the primary and secondary school the first day of school in zhuhai, but god did not make the United States. Affected by the low vortex weather systems, today will be a lot of dark clouds over the seaport of coverage, and to have shower or thunder shower by the weather, however, the temperature change is not big, is still around 27 ℃, the highest temperature during the day the lowest temperature of 21 ℃. Remind people in work, school, go out don't forget to bring rain gear, pay attention to lightning protection shelter and traffic safety. Zhuhai tomorrow during the day and rainy weather will continue to have, at night the weather gradually turned for the better. The temperature has dropped slightly, in the range of 20 ℃ to 26 ℃. 
Zhuhai on Thursday and Friday is expected to get rid of the influence of the rainfall weather system, returned to the fine weather, the temperature will be as the sun back again slightly higher, the city near the highest temperature will be back on 27 ℃. People still need to do a good job of sunscreen out during the day, but cool morning and evening gathering. Warns a citizen here: the late summer or early autumn season the widening temperature gap between day and night, you should be timely increase or decrease in clothes, don't catch cold catch a cold