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 Xinchang County, Zhejiang Electric Co., Ltd. (the original excitation and lightning protection equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.), a professional plating grounding rod, grounding flat and round wire manufacturer. Company's main products: copper grounding rod (copper clad steel grounding rod), grounding rod fittings, copper wire, grounding module, ion grounding rod, horizontal continuous casting line and other products have passed the national authority certification testing, the company has technical experience of technical personnel, advanced product technology, quality, widely used in communications, electric power, petrochemical, railway, weather, military and other systems, won the majority of users praise and trust.
Company is located in the historical and cultural city, Xinchang County, Shaoxing City, the provincial high-tech park, south of Xiaoshan International Airport (nearly 100 km), east of Ningbo Airport (near 90 km), Kim Yong high speed and three high-speed penetration on the environment, traffic is very convenient.
The company has set production ground rod (cold drawn steel, thread rolling, electroplating, inspection and packaging) equipment, monthly production of 200 tons, advanced technology, quality assurance, delivery timely and reasonable prices. And to undertake large quantities of foreign trade business.
Company specializing in the production of varieties, including various types of grounding rod, flat row, round wire and accessories. Quality assurance, prompt delivery. The biggest characteristic of the copper plating in our factory is that the two (cross section) are all brass, and the whole rod is not exposed, which greatly enhances the service life of the earth rod. And my company production of electroformed copper grounding rods in the same industry has obvious advantages of quality, the quality of their products can and brand in Europe and America the grounding rod comparable.
Company advanced technology, excellent quality, the main products have passed the national authority of the testing organizations - Wuhan High Pressure Research Institute of detection. Company products have been widely used in communications, electric power, petrochemical, railway, meteorology, military and other systems, won the majority of users praise and trust.
The purpose of the company is based on honesty, welcome new and old customers to visit!