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Galvanized grounding rods
Galvanized grounding rodsAdd Time:2015-09-02

Product Details
Galvanized grounding rods
Why choose zhongke electric galvanized grounding rods 
Low zinc layer combined with stronger: adopts high-tech package zinc process, make the zinc layer and the combination of low carbon steel ground rod body stronger; 
Low corrosion and better conductivity: zinc as cladding metal, its conductivity is 2.5 times that of steel, better electrical conductivity, strong corrosion resistance and greatly prolong the service life; 
Low natural anode body: due to a certain thickness of the zinc layer can be used as a sacrificial anode body, protect the ground, underground metal structures and associated steel equipment, etc.; 
Low is more bright and clean appearance: senior craftsman using high-tech machine tools to build perfect burr steel rod body, using advanced zinc process, presents the perfect package zinc surface; 
Low convenient installation: the installation is simple and can be manual or mechanical construction, installation cost more economical; 
Low service life is long, the single side the zinc layer thickness can reach 11.5 mm; Theoretical service life of more than 40 years. 
Low quality accessories products: using high quality materials to build product accessories, 8 years manufacturing experience to bring you more smooth installation experience.