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A pointed ground rod
A pointed ground rodAdd Time:2015-09-02

Product Details
A pointed ground rod
A pointed a flat ground rod is made of special electroforming technology will be 99.9% pure copper uniformly covered on low carbon steel core, copper and steel core completely molecules (such as a combination of these is not close, in the case of electricity, can produce a galvanic cell reaction, anode oxidizing reaction metallic iron into iron loss, instead, speed up the steel reinforced corrosion). It has a copper layer thickness (0.25 mm) above, good adhesiveness, without stripping (rolling thread). It has the advantage of tensile strength (600 n/mm2) tall, corrosion resistance is strong, can ensure the service life of the above 50 years), a constant low resistance and good plasticity, both with the performance of the copper equivalent and both steel features. 
Cast copper ground rod, both natural corrosion and electrochemical reaction after deep underground, have extremely strong protective. Grounding rods and wires using our company production of hot melt welding flux, under the protection of copper grounding device completely, become a real grounding device without maintenance. 
Cast copper ground rod is equipped with a coaxial connectors, driving head and drill bits and other accessories. According to the different geological and use requirement can be through the adoption of brass coaxial connector (connecting bolts), any increase the length of casting copper ground rod. Item end connected by driving head (connecting bolts), used for bars play deep blow. End with special bit (connecting bolts) connection, so that will be great to play deep. 
Characteristics and technical advantages: 
1, unique manufacturing process: the production process of cold rolling hot weld between copper and steel metallurgy. Can be like a single metal drawing any drawing, not disconnect, become warped skin, cracking phenomenon. 
2, superior anticorrosive: composite interface using high temperature welding, no residue, combined with the surface there will be no corrosion phenomenon; Surface copper layer thicker (average thickness greater than 0.3 mm) corrosion resistance is strong, long service life (more than 30 years), reduce the labor intensity. 
3, better electrical properties: excellent electrical conductivity, surface copper materials to make its own resistance value is far lower than the conventional materials. 
4, safe and reliable widely: this product is applicable to different soil moisture, temperature, PH value and under the condition of the resistivity changes ground construction. 
5, safe and reliable connection: use a dedicated connection tube or a heat welding, joint is firm and good stability. 
6, convenient installation, complete accessories, installation is convenient, can effectively improve the construction speed. 
7, increase the depth of the grounding: special connection transmission way, 35 meters deep underground, low resistance requirements to meet the special occasions. 
8, low construction cost: contrast traditionally use pure copper ground rod, zone, the method for construction cost greatly decreased